LewisGale doctor weighs in on Adderall shortage

SALEM, Va. – An Adderall shortage is affecting some who live with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), both locally and nationwide.

LewisGale Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Norah Silver sees about twenty patients a day. She says the number of people affected by ADHD is larger than many people realize.

“For children, around 11% of the population,” Dr. Silver said. “Adults, the studies differ, but anywhere from 2.5 to approximately 5%.”

Silver said the disorder is becoming more and more recognized, which is one of the reasons why the medicine is in short supply. She said supply chain issues, and strict quotas on how much of the controlled substance can be manufactured at a time are also causing delays.

“It’s a difficult time right now, but they are certainly working to increase those supplies,” Dr. Silver said. “So be patient and hold on and you know it should hopefully be fixed soon.”

If you are struggling to find the medicine at your local pharmacy, Silver recommends checking other pharmacies, calling your doctor, and rationing medication on weekends or days you need it less.

However, if you can’t get your prescribed Adderall at all, she has a few more suggestions.

“Behavioral interventions,” Dr. Silver said. “As always, eating well, sleeping well, maintaining a strict schedule. Those things can help. Exercise.”

She also advises those without their medication to let others know what’s going on at school or work.

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Amy Cockerham joined the 10 News team in January 2023.