February recognized as Cancer Prevention Month

We’re sharing some simple steps you can take to keep healthy

ROANOKE, Va. – February is Cancer Prevention Month, and we’re working for you to share how you can prevent some types of cancer.

While not all cancers are preventable, there are steps you can take to keep yourself healthy.

Doctors say the biggest prevention method, specifically for lung cancer, is to avoid smoking.

In addition, they say tanning beds and too much sun are magnets for skin cancer. Even alcohol abuse contributes to certain cancers.

Doctors say even though cancer deaths are down, cancer cases are up.

“There’s many things we can do in terms of healthy, wonderful living, weight control, and what we eat to prevent cancer from ever developing in our bodies,” said Carilion Medical Director of Hematology-Oncology Dr. William Fintel.

Doctors say that aside from prevention methods, making sure you get annual screenings can help detect cancer in its early stages.

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