Rescue Mission pushes monthly giving campaign: ‘Bread, Beds and Meds’

ROANOKE, Va. – The Rescue Mission in Roanoke is spreading the word about their “Bread, Beds and Meds” monthly giving campaign.

The campaign allows donors to pick a certain amount to give to the mission every month, without having to think about it every time by setting up an automatic payment with your bank account or credit card.

The monthly gift also helps the mission have an idea of what kind of budget they can expect for the month.

Director of Marketing and Communications, Kevin Berry said the name of this campaign perfectly describes all the services the mission has to offer, that people support when donating.

“The first thing they get is often a meal, but then we ask if they need a place to sleep, do they need to go to our clinic. This is a way to really get across the point that we have multiple services here and you can get involved by supporting us,” said Berry.

Berry tells 10 News they’re hoping to get 52 new monthly donors by the end of February.

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