Honoring the Roanoke 8th Air Force Fellowship

Part of the larger ceremony Thursday included the laying of a wreath to honor the Roanoke 8th Air Force Fellowship.

Originally established by William “Bill” Overstreet, who flew in the 257th fighter group as a P-51 Mustang Pilot during the war.

Today, that group is run by Tracy Turner, and it’s become a Roanoke group of veterans, from different branches of service all there, to honor the 257.

Turner said days like this one are important to remember—the sacrifices of those that came before us.

“It is a good thing to remember these guys, what they did for our country and for all of us to be free and enjoy the freedoms that we do have if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be here now so that’s what we do. Our mission is to just carry on their legacy the stories and that’s what we’re doing with y’alls help,” said Tracy Turner, Roanoke 8th Air Force Fellowship leader.

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