Virginia Senate moving another step closer to eliminating the death penalty

A bill passed in the Senate and another one is approved in the House

Virginia is another step closer to getting rid of the death penalty.

Virginia continues on the path of possibly getting rid of the death penalty.

The Virginia Senate has passed Senate Bill 1165 that would abolish the death penalty.

On Wednesday, the statehouse committee approved its own bill.

The Democrat-controlled Senate chamber approved the bill on a 21-17 vote Wednesday after a lengthy, emotional floor debate.

The House Courts of Justice Committee approved the bill in a 15-6-1 vote.

While some lawmakers are concerned about a lack of punishment for serious offenders, others say it is not the role of the state to take people’s lives.

House majority leader Charniele Herring said by not having public access, press or information on drug manufacturers involved in the state’s death penalties, the state is working in secrecy.

“For me it’s incumbent that we abolish the death penalty because now the state is actually operating in secret, she said. “And that is unacceptable.”

Gov. Ralph Northam said he supports a full repeal.

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