VDOE to make changes to history and social science curriculum

The changes could take up to three years to put in place

RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia Board of Education is making changes to its history and social science curriculum, WWBT reported.

The board has been working on a 402-page draft, outlining Virginia’s standards of learning for history and social science.

They hope to approve the changes by January, but the changes could take up to three years to be in full effect.

Work on the draft was punted last month due to proposal errors. VDOE said one error was removing the “Father of our County” title for George Washington, and the “Father of the Constitution” title for James Madison.

Leaders now want to ensure there aren’t any other errors.

“Our goal is to make sure that we are teaching history about Virginia, about the United States, and about the world comprehensively, at all grade levels, and in an appropriate and factual way,” said Jillian Balow, Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction.

A review of standards is required every seven years by law.

“First and foremost, we’re doing it because the law requires us to. But more importantly, it’s important to update all of our standards periodically to make sure that they reflect the best practices,” said Balow.

Changes will be worked on for the next three months.

The Virginia Department Board of Education will meet on Thursday to hear public comments and will review plans in Nov. followed by more public hearings on Dec. 5 through Dec. 9.

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