Martinsville High School mascot is a local celebrity

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MARTINSVILLE (WSLS 10) - On the sidelines of Martinsville High School football games you'll find a mascot that's only about a foot tall who sometimes drools.

Meet Lugnut, a real bulldog, who is Martinsville High School's mascot.

Todd Turner has been chauffeuring Lugnut to and from high school games for four years now.

Even after his son graduated, Todd and Lugnut are still on the sidelines cheering on the Bulldogs.

"The kids love him," Todd explained.  "When I take him to the basketball games and stuff like that and they see him, he goes out and stands with them for the national anthem. The soccer team loves him. At halftime he'll take the ball and he'll play like he's playing soccer on the field for the fans sitting in the stands at halftime."

Todd's son, who raced go-carts, came up with the name Lugnut.

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