Hoos fans witness historic UVA win at Roanoke watch party

Dozens of UVA alumni filed into Fork In The Alley


ROANOKE, Va. – The University of Virginia basketball team secured their spot in the championship Saturday night, and some fans in Roanoke wanted to be surrounded by orange and blue when it happened.

Dozens of UVA fans and alumni came to Fork In The Alley for its Final Four watch party. The restaurant has been a popular spot for UVA fans, and General Manager Jon Saunders says it was only natural to make the game into an event.

"When the conference tournament starts, we always see an uptick, but UVA making the Final Four is certainly kind of a blessing," said Saunders.

The restaurant's reputation as a Hoos hot spot attracted Jo Atkinson and her daughter, Jamie Barnett. Atkinson lives in Charlottesville, and Barnett is a UVA grad; they said they needed to find a special place to watch the game.

"Mom's birthday is on (April) 8th, so we're just ready for the finals," said Barnett.

"It will be my big birthday present," added Atkinson.

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