The Edmunds Brothers hand out nearly 1,000 lunches in Danville

Terrell, Tremaine and Trey returned to their hometown to spread a little cheer

DANVILLE, Va. – The Edmunds Brothers returned to Danville on Wednesday to hand out nearly 1,000 lunches to the community through their brand E-Boyz.

Terrell, Trey and Tremaine all played football at Dan River High School and then Virginia Tech. They’re all now in the NFL.

On Wednesday, they set up shop in the Negril building on North Main Street and provided top-of-the-line drive-thru service along with the help of the Danville chapter of The Links, Incorporated.

“As members of the Danville, Virginia chapter of The Links, Incorporated, we are continuing to follow our national motto which is transforming communities and fulfilling our purpose, which we are certainly doing today,” Chapter President Monalisa Whittle said.

Not only was the community treated to as many lunches as they needed but the added benefit of seeing their hometown heroes brought smiles to many faces.

“It’s everything,” Terrell said. “Just putting smiles on people’s faces coming by to grab some lunch and enjoying a good time through all the bad that’s going on in the world. Just knowing it’s a tough time but we’re tougher people and we’re going to get through it. It’s amazing being out here, helping out, putting it on with everyone, seeing big smiles around the city.”

The Edmunds family also wanted to thank Jim Abercrombie of Edward Jones, Lawyer Daniels, Sams Club, Negril and The Links, Incorporated.

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