With Minor League Baseball canceled, Hillcats hopeful to make it through to see baseball next summer

Lynchburg has been hosting baseball tournaments since season was postponed

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The Lynchburg Hillcats are just another team in our area that are mourning the loss of the Minor League Baseball season.

“We’re all bummed,” Hillcats General Manager Chris Jones said. “Obviously they worked so hard, all season, all off-season, putting on a great show that we’re known for. Not getting to do that is just a real bummer for us.”

With little to no revenue for some minor league teams this summer, the Hillcats are hopeful baseball will be played next summer.

“We’re a small business, like a lot of small businesses around us, it’s going to hurt for a long time,” Jones said. “We’re going to scrape by and make it through this, we have a great ownership group in Elmore Sports and we hope that we’re one of the ones that survives.”

The Hillcats will also be adding events throughout the summer to help bring in a profit.

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