Brotherly Love: Salem’s McDonald twins cherish time together on the gridiron

‘We used to always watch NFL on TV and my dad was a big football fan, so we used to play flag football.’

SALEM, Va. – At this point in the high school football season, every team has formed a bond or family atmosphere.

In Salem, there’s some true brotherly love with twins Jorden and Jayden McDonald.

They line up opposite each other on defense, while being known for making a splash on offense as well. The McDonald twins love for the game started at an early age, growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“We used to always watch NFL on TV and my dad was a big football fan so we used to play flag football,” said Jorden McDonald.

The family moved to Salem during their middle school years and in their past four seasons as Spartans, they’ve appreciated that it’s not about being better than the other.

“We’re both the same, both the same,” said Jayden McDonald when asked which brother was better at athletics.

“I won’t say who’s better, but we both have our strengths and weaknesses,” Jorden said.

The duo has benefited from feeding off of each other’s strengths, which led to All-State and All-Region honors in 2019 as shutdown defensive backs. And though the twins high school career is approaching its end, they’re playing days are far from over. The two 6-foot-4 towers of power will showcase their talent in Blacksburg at Virginia Tech.

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