Salem Red Sox heating up with confidence and plate production

SALEM, Va. – “We struggled with runners in scoring position early on, we struggled with bases loaded but what do you learn? You learn from those moments right there,” said Salem Red Sox Manager Luke Montz.

It’s been a sharp learning curve for the Salem Red Sox midway through the season. Sitting within two games of the division leading Hillcats, confidence has been heating up.

“I think just being consistent, Montzy preaches it all the time,” said Red Sox first baseman Niko Kavadas. “The more consistent you are at your work, the more consistent we can be in the game.”

The pitching staff has held up on most nights and now the bats are making a difference. Salem is dangerous in nearly every spot of the lineup.

“You hear guys say I want to win this AB, I want to win this AB and you see that from Paulino at leadoff all the way down to the 9 hole,” Montz said.

Niko Kavadas and Blaze Jordan lead the team in RBI this season as they seize their opportunities at the plate--something that didn’t come in April.

“Throughout the whole year my at-bats have gotten a lot better and just learning a lot of aspects of the game,” said Red Sox third baseman Blaze Jordan. “Seeing the pitching that’s here rather than what was in Florida last year because they’re are more experienced guys up here. Just adjusting to that, it took an adjustment after the first month.”

“It’s good at this level to watch them struggle a little bit,” said Montz.

Struggle a bit in what’s the ultimate grind as the players ‘Start the Climb’ in Salem.

“Obviously the end goal for each and every one of us is to make it to the big leagues but there are relationships that bring you to the ballpark everyday that gets you excited about walking through those double doors,” Kavadas said. “So no one is in a rush we’re all coming in and putting in our work.”

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