Virginia Tech women business-like, poised as round of 16 approaches

#1 Virginia Tech takes on #4 seed Tennessee in Sweet Sixteen

Seattle, Wa. – It was practice day at the home of the WNBA’s Seattle Storm. It has been said before - this Virginia Tech women’s team is very poised under pressure. Not unemotional, but they are business-like in habits and in execution. As for the venue, Coach Kenny Brooks was channeling his inner ‘Gene Hackman’ from the movie ‘Hoosiers’--in explaining the setting.

“I think my Director of Operations went out and he measured the court. It was still 94 feet, rim was still 10-feet high. it is still a basketball game. I know the stage is set. I know there’s a lot more hoopla surrounding the game but the one thing about this group is, they are extremely professional.,” Brooks says.

“I’d love to be able to see them be rewarded for hanging in there this year, and sticking with the game plan. I’d love to see them rewarded for their hard work and belief in this program, and in this team, in particular,” Tennessee head coach Kellie Harper says.

Region semifinal games are set tomorrow at 4 and 6:30 p.m. eastern in the Seattle three region.

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