Flip the switch! One more cooler day Wednesday before temperatures rise up

A very summer-like pattern takes shape this weekend

Flipping the seasonal switch
Flipping the seasonal switch

ROANOKE, Va. – May 2020 has been one of the coolest on record so far, but that is about to change in the coming days. We’re north of a warm front Wednesday placing us on the cool and mostly cloudy side of things. The air will likely rise more toward the New River Valley, offering the shot for a few light showers at any given time.

FutureTracker - 12 p.m. Wednesday

As our warm front lifts north, a few early morning showers will be possible near and north of I-64 on Thursday. By Thursday, we’re on the warmer side of the front with high temperatures in the 70s. Even still, a few spotty showers and storms will become possible after 2 p.m. One or two may drift east of the Parkway late in the afternoon and/or early in the evening.

FutureTracker - 2 p.m. Thursday

And so begins our transition to a very summer-like pattern over the weekend. We’ll be positioned just south of our frontal system, meaning we’ll stay warm with highs in the low to mid 80s each day. However, that front being nearby will spark scattered showers and storms each afternoon.

What We're Tracking - Friday

Speaking of summer, even the tropics are starting to gain some steam. The National Hurricane Center has placed 70% odds on our first named storm of the season developing off the East Coast over the weekend. (If it gets a name, it would be ‘Arthur.’)

Tropical development through the weekend

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