Whew...weekend cool-down won’t get in the way of our sunny streak!

Temperatures dip over the weekend before rising next week

Sunny streak continues through at least the weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – Wednesday’s wall-to-wall sunshine was so nice, we’ll do it twice! Bone-dry air over the region will result in lots of sunshine. However, we’ll be a little cooler than we were Wednesday.

Highs range from the lower 50s in the New River Valley to lower 60s in Southside. Areas like Roanoke, Lexington and Bedford will split the difference.

High temperature forecast for Thursday, 3/4/2021

We’ll notice the breeze picking up from time to time as well, with wind gusts ranging between 20 and 30 miles per hour during the afternoon and early evening.

Wind speed and wind gust forecast for Thursday, 3/4/2021

We’ll keep a little bit of a breeze around as overnight temperatures drop into the mid to upper 20s. If you’re up before sunrise Friday, bundle up and look up too! You’ll see Jupiter and Mercury close together with Saturn socially distant to the right.

Planets to see in the eastern sky before sunrise Friday

Despite sunshine, we’ll likely need to stay bundled up at times this weekend. Low pressure north of Maine will keep the flow of cold air locked into the Eastern U.S.

Below average temperatures expected this weekend

Low temperatures each morning will be in the 20s, with afternoon highs in the 40s and 50s this weekend.

Weekend high temperature forecast for the first weekend of March 2021

Once that area of low pressure loses its grip, we’ll warm up really nicely next week. Expect high temperatures in the 60s by Tuesday and Wednesday.

Above average temperatures expected next week

The better news? We’ll be completely dry during that entire time frame!

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