Pleasant weather through the start of the week

High pressure keeps us sunny with above average temperatures

Grilling, yard work, and outdoor exercise are all on the table today

ROANOKE, Va. – Saturday turned out pleasant for much of the area, and if you enjoyed yesterday’s weather expect similar conditions through the rest of the holiday weekend. Do keep an eye out for mosquitos and allergies returning with the calm weather pattern in place to start the week.

Today’s temperatures will climb slightly higher than the seasonable highs on Saturday. Averages at this time of the year are in the upper 70s in Roanoke; the forecast has us reaching the mid 80s with even warmer weather in Lynchburg and Southside.

Grilling, yard work, and outdoor exercise are all on the table today

There is hardly any cloud cover so it’s very easy for the sun’s rays to reach us, and the air around the high pressure circulates clockwise. Since the pressure center is generally to our east it brings warmer air from our southeast. That teams up with the heat from the sun for noticeable temperature jumps through the week.

High pressure prevents clouds from forming and brings in warmer air from the south

Recent rain had a few benefits not the least of which was keeping the pollen and mosquito levels down. Now that there is consistent sunshine and calm winds both of those nuisances will be more noticeable.

Pollen will stir up allergies this week, but one silver lining is that the actual pollen levels will be lower than they were at the start of May. Since pollen levels are lower you have the opportunity to get a car wash without it being covered in pollen as soon as you pull through the exit. Each day through the start of the week will be nice enough for that car wash.

Last week's rain kept the pollen count low, but if you have allergies expect to notice them more this week
Your car will likely need a wash this week due to the increase in pollen

Mosquitos won’t be a constant problem this afternoon. Having bug spray on hand will certainly help you be more comfortable afternoon. If you need to go get a new container of it try to go today; mosquitos will be more widespread on Memorial Day itself.

Highs for the holiday approach 90 degrees. There will not be much of a breeze and skies will be consistently clear. Sunscreen and shade will be just as necessary as allergy medicine and bug spray for the start of the week. If you want to have some ice cream to stay cool be sure to eat it fast!

Memorial Day will be a pleasant weather day with some pollen and mosquitos
Ice cream would be a great way to stay cool this week, but it will melt fast!

Our skies stay clear until the end of the work week when another storm system comes through. Stay up to date on this week’s weather on air, on our website, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Be sure to download our weather app to get details on how the next few days warm up.

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