Round Two: Unseasonably cool, damp weather continues into Tuesday

The cool air wedge lives to fight another day, keeping us unseasonably cool

ROANOKE, Va. – Monday was a record cool day in the Roanoke Valley with a high temperature of only 69°.

With high pressure to the north keeping clouds locked in Tuesday, we expect a similar day.

Wedge keeps us blanketed under clouds, unseasonably cool conditions

It will be damp at times with patches of fog, mist, drizzle and/or light rain.

High temperatures will be well below average - topping out in the upper 60s to middle 70s.

The wedge finally breaks heading into Wednesday. Temperatures recover a bit under more sunshine than we’ve seen in the past two-to-three days.

High temperature forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons

As the air begins to turn more out of the west and southwest, we’ll turn warmer through the end of the week and this weekend.

Upper level air pattern favors warmer weather later in the week

Some moisture moving into the region, along with a little energy to play with, leads to the daily chance of showers and thunderstorms this weekend into early next week.

High temperatures will stay about five to seven degrees below average for mid-to-late August.

Weekend forecast for August 19-21, 2022

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About the Author:

Meteorologist Chris Michaels is an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certified Broadcaster, forecasting weather conditions in southwest Virginia on WSLS 10 News from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays on Virginia Today.