Keep those rain boots on: more showers today and tomorrow

Our weather pattern holds firm until the weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – Rain is still the biggest weather story of the week. Thursday is wet, but we get a break from the more consistent rain we had Wednesday. I’d say that Thursday is the better day of the two to get outdoors. Most of the rain waits until after 3:00 PM to arrive.

Clouds keep showers in the forecast today, but they are less widespread than Wednesday

If you want to stay inside and catch up on TV then Friday gives you a chance. Temperatures take a bit of a hit with some showers through the day. If you do have to travel conditions are ok to navigate if you slow down just a bit.

More light showers arrive Friday

Rain Friday night into Saturday is likely; some spots see more rain Saturday than Friday.

Since Thursday’s showers don’t last all day the rain totals are lower than what we had Wednesday. Most spots stay under 0.25 inches with a lot of us getting fewer than 0.10 inches.

Most rain totals are less than 0.25″ on Thursday

Friday’s rain is spotty as the front comes through. Rain totals are lower for a lot of us during the day on Friday.

Rain is less consistent Friday leading to lower rain totals

Some showers are possible after Saturday, but those showers are much more isolated and short-lived than this week’s rain. This is not a great weekend for golfing considering both the rain and cool air, but if you’re running errands you can still get out and about.

It’s on the cool side for a full 18 holes, but you can get to the driving range Sunday afternoon for some extra practice

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