More clouds, more rain before sunshine next week

The sun comes back to start next week

ROANOKE, Va. – If you really enjoy cloudy days then this is the week for you. Skies were gray at the start of the week and stay overcast into Saturday. Plenty of those cloudy days were also rainy and we have a bit more rain before the week is out.

Rain totals were highest in Roanoke on Thursday

We get a break from rain for most of the day. Showers from Thursday night don’t linger once the sun rises, and any afternoon showers that build are spotty. If you’re doing any traveling today the rain won’t keep you from your destination.

Rain totals are low today, and the rain coming this weekend is also light

A cold front this weekend gives a familiar pattern of rain one day with cooler air and clearer skies the next. Rain comes late Saturday and lasts through the night. Sunday starts cloudy but mostly dry with more and more sun as the day goes along.

Another front coming this weekend means a small amount of overnight rain before some clearing Sunday afternoon

We lost heat overnight putting lows close to 40. Since skies are cloudy most of the day it’s hard to warm up much. Highs are in the mid-to-upper 40s Friday and stay close to that mark until the middle of next week. Highs close to 50 is about average this time of year.

Despite cold fronts and cloudy skies temperatures are close to average well into the week

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