Saying goodbye to 2022 with a rainy afternoon

Rain wraps up just in time for the start of the new year

Light but consistent rain falls until sunset

ROANOKE, Va. – Welcome to the last day of 2022! Temperatures bounced back very well from the cold over the Christmas weekend. The New Year’s weekend is much more comfortable despite some rain Saturday afternoon.

Skies are gray but dry through the morning

Spotty showers are possible throughout the morning, but consistent rain holds off until noon. If you weren’t able to get all of your party supplies earlier this week try to head out before lunchtime.

Light but consistent rain falls until sunset

By 1:00 PM rain spreads to most of the area. Rain is consistent for most, but some short breaks are possible. If you do have to get out this afternoon the rain is not bad enough to prevent you from getting to your destination.

We dry out before midnight and stay dry for the start of the year

Anyone who wants to be outdoors when the year starts are in luck. Rain drops off after 8:00 PM with particularly dry conditions by 10:00 PM. When midnight arrives skies even start to clear up. Sunday continues that trend with some sun in the morning and more in the afternoon.

If you do need to get out the rain is light enough to drive through

Rain totals from 0.25″ to 0.50″ are most common with slightly lower totals in Southside.

The first days of 2023 keep a sunny and warm pattern. Highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s are common through Wednesday. There is a front coming in the middle of the week that causes showers late Tuesday and throughout Wednesday. High pressure behind the front keeps the end of the week dry and slightly cooler.

The warm temperatures next week keep precipitation liquid
Even after a stout cold front temperatures stay above average

Dry and warmer-than-average weather is the pattern through the middle of the month. Temperatures stay at least a few degrees above average through January 10th, and less moisture is expected than we generally see this time of year.

The eastern part of the country starts 2023 on the warm side
What little precipitation comes our way has a better chance of falling as rain

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