Temperatures gradually bounce back following near-record cold Thursday morning

Highs reach the 60s and 70s this coming weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – After a weekend of 70s and 80s, the 20s first thing Thursday morning are a rude awakening. For Lynchburg and Southside, it’s record chill.

Contrary to Wednesday, the wind Thursday will be calmer. Afternoon temperatures improve to the upper 40s and low to mid 50s, but nighttime lows drop right back down into the 20s first thing Friday morning.

Temperature forecast for Thursday, 11/2/2023

Friday afternoon will be warmer, but a quick cool-down during the evening will leave you bundled up for some high school football action.

What you'll need for high school football games Friday, 11/3/2023

Temperatures drop to about 30 to 35° first thing Saturday morning. We won’t be quite as cold first thing Sunday morning.

Frost and freeze potential Friday through Sunday mornings

Each afternoon sees a rise in temperatures toward the 60s and lower 70s, making for a pleasant weekend.

Forecast for the first weekend in November 2023

We need the rain, but it doesn’t look like we see a good soaking between now and next Wednesday.

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