All but 8% of Virginia schools are fully accredited: Here's how the system works

92% of public schools earned full-fledged accredited rating for 2019-20 year

ROANOKE, Va. – All but 8% of Virginia's public school are meeting the state Board of Education’s expectations for achievement and improving student outcomes for this school year.

Here are a few key points from this year's ratings:

Here's a look at how the accreditation system works:

First, school quality indicators are grouped into three categories:

Within each subcategory, schools are graded at one of three levels:

  • Level One: Meets or exceeds state standard or sufficient improvement
  • Level Two: Near state standard or sufficient improvement
  • Level Three: Below state standard

From those rankings is how accreditation is determined.

  • Accredited — Schools with all school quality indicators at either Level One or Level Two. In addition, high-performing schools with waivers from annual accreditation authorized by the General Assembly are rated as Accredited.
  • Accredited with Conditions — Schools with one or more school quality indicators at Level Three.
  • Accreditation Denied — Schools that fail to adopt or fully implement required corrective actions to address Level Three school-quality indicators.

In our area, Danville City Public Schools has the most schools that are accredited with conditions with nine. Last year, that number for the school district was only six.

Below is a list of area schools and their accreditation status: