Parents, children flock to Valley View Mall for Build-A-Bear's 'Pay Your Age' sale

Some waited as long as 5 hours

ROANOKE, Va. – A store promotion by Build-a-Bear surprisingly went so well that its stores have had to stop taking customers because of safety concerns and low merchandise. 

The cost to build a bear without the promotion can range anywhere from $15 up to $100 with accessories.

Customers at the Valley View Mall in Roanoke were willing to wait for as many as four to five hours.

"It's about four hours now, so we've been standing here for a while. It's been fun, though. We've been talking to people and the kids have been having a blast together," said Bridget Muncy.

"I do wish that we could've gotten in and gotten out a whole lot faster than in five hours," said Kelly Fink.

Build-A-Bear issued a statement saying they will reach out as soon as possible to disappointed guests.

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