🔒INSIDER: Guess when Roanoke will see its first snowfall and you could win a firepit!

You could win this fire pit! (WSLS)

Winter weather is right around the corner — but when exactly?

Your Local Weather Authority has released its winter weather outlook. Jeff, Chris, Delaney and Justin have all made their best guesses on when we could see the first snowfall in the Star City:

Your Local Weather Authority Winter Weather Guesses 2021 (WSLS)

Think you have a better guess? Put it to the test.

WSLS has paired up with Northwest ACE to give the Insider who guesses the day of the first snowfall in Roanoke (or the closest to it) this awesome fire pit to stay warm this winter - a Yukon Solo Stove + Stand.



  • You have until the first day of winter (Dec. 21, 2021) to enter.
  • Guesses are for the first measurable snow - that means an inch of snow or more - within Roanoke city limits.
  • Winners will be randomly selected once snow falls. If that happens on a day without any guesses, we’ll open up the window to the day before and the day after then randomly select from that pool of Insiders.
  • If there is no snow between the first and last day of winter, a winner will be randomly selected from all entrants.

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