Roanoke City Council primary results on June 21, 2022

(Left to right) Vivian Sanchez-Jones, Peter Volosin, Terry McGuire and Joe Cobb are all running in the democratic primary for Roanoke City Council (WSLS)

ROANOKE, Va. – Joe Cobb, Peter Volosin and Vivian Sanchez-Jones won Democratic nominations for Roanoke City Council on Tuesday.

First-time candidate Terry McGuire did not receive enough votes to advance to November’s ballot.

Councilman Cobb, Councilwoman Sanchez-Jones, Volosin and Terry McGuire all ran for three spots on the general election ballot. They’ll appear next to Republicans Dalton Baugess, Nick Hagen and Maynard Keller along with independent candidates David Bowers, Preston Tyler and Jamaal J.L. Jackson.




Joe Cobb(D)
Vivian Sanchez-Jones(D)
Peter Volosin(D)
Terry McGuire(D)
100% of Precincts Reporting

(23 / 23)

Cobb was elected to city council in 2018, and Sanchez-Jones was elected in 2020.

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