Ben Cline and Jennifer Lewis face off again for Virginia’s Sixth District Congressional seat

ROANOKE, Va. – This year’s District Six match-up in Virginia is a rematch of the 2018 election, Republican Ben Cline against Democrat, Jennifer Lewis.

Incumbent Ben Cline is seeking his third term as a US Congressman.

“I’m very focused on veteran issues, we have a lot of veterans in the sixth congressional district. But also energy independence is so critical. We really have to re-establish energy independence, domestically with more production of oil and natural gas. That is going to not only bring down the cost of gas at the pump but also bring down inflation,” said Rep. Cline.

Cline is up against the Democratic nominee, Jennifer Lewis, who lost to Cline during his first run four years ago.

Lewis told 10 News she is running again because of Cline’s votes against mental health legislation and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“That is a huge issue that has resonated across the issue because people don’t want the government in the most intimate parts of their lives, whether it’s family planning, who they marry, who they love, what they want to be called, their pronouns all of those are the most intimate decisions a person makes,” said Lewis.

Cline shared with 10 News the House Republicans’ agenda called, Commitment to America, which he supports.

“Republicans, if we are given the majority in the house, would stand for a more secure America, both domestically and internationally, an accountable government, a free America where your rights and liberties are protected and an economy that works for all Americans,” said Rep. Cline.

Lewis said she is also concerned about inflation and is putting the blame on large corporations.

“When I hear about inflation, which yes, we are dealing with some inflation, but we are also dealing with corporate greed. We are dealing with CEOs who are having record-breaking profits, right now, the top 4 gas companies in America are making record-breaking profits,” said Lewis.

Both Cline and Lewis are set to face off during a forum in Lexington on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 6 p.m.

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