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This little boy reviews Shirley Temple drinks on Instagram and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all week

The Shirley Temple King himself.
The Shirley Temple King himself. (@theshirleytempleking)

Let’s take it back to those childhood days when all you wanted from a restaurant was a Shirley Temple: a refreshing lemon-lime soda with a dash of cherry-flavored grenadine to top it off. It seems simple, but according to one little boy’s Instagram account, it deserves to be rated and reviewed.

This little boy goes by the Shirley Temple King on Instagram. His name appears to be Leo Kelly. Since he’s calling himself the king of Shirley Temple beverages, we’ve just going to assume that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the retro beverage.

Each video has the Shirley Temple King at a different restaurant while he tries their version of the drink. While you would think there can’t be that many differences between Shirley Temples, you’ve thought wrong.

The little boy goes in on why a particular Shirley Temple drink shines, and why some leave much to be desired. Not only are his videos insanely cute and hilarious, but there is something that is so pure and innocent about them. When so many people on Instagram just want as many likes as possible, it’s refreshing to see someone make content just because they want to.

However, people are starting to catch on to the adorableness that is the Shirley Temple King, and his following has increased from a mere 600 followers to 234,000 and climbing.

You might be asking yourself, what makes a Shirley Temple get a top scorer from the drink’s harshest critic? If you’ve watched any of the videos shared in this video, you’ll notice the Shirley Temple King needs some actual cherries in his drink for it to be even considered a score of 6 or higher. Other criteria include the size of the drink, flavor of the grenadine and any extra pizazz like mini American flags or umbrellas will always get you bonus points.

So instead of scrolling past people on Instagram with thousands of followers who are only going to make you question your own worth, why not watch videos of a little kid rating his favorite drink and feel happiness instead?

Keep doing you, Shirley Temple King!

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