9 last-minute 2021 pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes

These are all great last minute costumes. (Getty Images.)

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is just about here.

Even though we’re still trying to process 2020 as 2021 is wrapping up, there were a ton of pop culture moments that happened this year that would make for perfect last-minute Halloween costumes.

Some are memes, some were iconic red carpet moments and movies, and some include our favorite TV shows of the year.

The 10 costume ideas below tip a hat to those, and they’re all easy to create. We’ll tell you how.

1. Bernie Sanders at the 2021 inauguration

You could easily say that Sen. Bernie Sanders in his puffy coat and hipster wool mittens at President Joe Biden’s inauguration became the first popular internet meme in 2021. People will instantly recognize this costume.

What you need: A brown puffy coat, bald cap, mask and mittens.

2. Doll from ‘Squid Game’

Netflix’s “Squid Game” came out of absolutely nowhere and captivated just about everyone. The most memorable image from the show was the giant doll that has an eye on the other characters from the life vs. death show.

What you need: An orange dress, yellow long-sleeved shirt and braided pigtails.

3. Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

Celebs showed up to the Met Gala not on theme this year, and no one else stuck out more than Kim K. She had her entire body (yes, even her face) in black fabric, making a ton of people question if that was even her behind the outfit.

What you need: An all-black ensemble that will cover every inch of your body and a long ponytail.

4. Agatha Harkness from ‘WandaVision’

You could honestly dress up as any character from “WandaVision” because it was such a popular TV show when 2021 began. No one was better than Kathryn Hahn’s character, Agatha Harkness, though. Since almost every episode happened in a different decade, the options to dress up as Harkness are endless -- however, you’ll be most recognizable in her witch outfit (or the meme of her winking).

What you need: A witch cloak that is black with hints of purple.

5. A QR code

Thanks to the pandemic, most people finally learned how to use a QR code. Now, as many restaurants and bars remain fully paperless, QR codes are almost a part of everyday life.

What you need: An all-white outfit, black construction paper and tape.

6. President Joe Biden

I mean, he’s the president. This one is easy.

What you need: A white wig, suit and shiny teeth.

7. Mare from ‘Mare of Easttown’

“Mare of Easttown” was the HBO TV event of the year, so why not dress up as Pennsylvania’s favorite vaping detective?

What you need: A messy bun, oversized winter coat, a hoagie from Wawa and a vape.

8. A vaccine

Nothing in 2021 has brought more relief (or more controversy) than a COVID-19 vaccine.

The best part is, this can also turn into a group costume. Someone can be Pfizer, another Moderna and another Johnson & Johnson.

What you need: Vaccine company logos and tape.

9. Simone Biles

No one taught us a better lesson about listening to your body and keeping your mental health in check than Simone Biles. She didn’t compete as much, or win a ton of medals, at the Tokyo Olympics this past summer, but she still won the hearts of Americans.

What you need: A gymnastics outfit and a medal.

Bonus: Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

They have somehow become the latest “it” celebrity couple, and it’s probably because it’s so great to see Kourtney happy after all these years. Plus, they’re such an unlikely duo -- it just works.

What you need: For Travis: fake tattoos, a white T-shirt and beanie-style hat. For Kourtney: black mini dress and a black wig.

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