These were our favorite 2022 Super Bowl commercials

Mike Myers reprises his role as Dr. Evil, and Rob Lowe reprises his role as Number 2 for General Motors' new electric vehicles commercial for Super Bowl 56. (General Motors)

Some watch the Super Bowl for the game, some for the halftime show, but it’s safe to say that almost everybody watches for the commercials.

This year’s commercials were a little bit different than in years past, and that’s mostly because the world around us certainly changing. There were commercials for fast-food restaurants and cellphone companies, as usual, but did anyone else notice how many crytocurrency commercials there were? And sports betting? And ones for electric vehicles?

While the crypto commercials were pretty lame, there were still some commercials that were fun (mostly due to unexpected celebrity cameos) and there was one that will probably go down in the hall of fame of greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Let’s break it down.

Chevy’s ‘Sopranos’ commercial

Everyone’s favorite quarantine binge got the Super Bowl commercial treatment this year, and it went down as the best commercial of the year.

The opening to “The Sopranos” is one of the most iconic TV intros ever, so Chevy decided to recreate it with Tony’s daughter Meadow, played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler. As soon as Meadow gets out of the vehicle to charge up her car, her brother A.J., played by Robert Iler, is there to help her.

They did such a good job at recreating the opening credits of the show, from the shots of landmarks around New Jersey, to Meadow looking in the rear view mirror just like her father did, and of course, the theme song is on point. If you are a “Sopranos” fan, this commercial was your favorite of the night.

Bud Light Seltzer taking us to Flavortown

If you’ve ever watched Guy Fieri on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” then you’ve already been taken to Flavortown, but in case you haven’t, Bud Light Seltzer is here to make sure you experience it.

Turns out, Flavortown is just a place where everyone is dressed in Fieri’s signature spikes, sunglasses and flame-adorned clothing. Fieri being in the commercial, too, was the icing on the cake.

GM bringing back Dr. Evil

First of all, can we get another “Austin Powers” movie soon?

Mike Myers put on the bald cap to play Dr. Evil in this commercial for GM, and the rest of his evil friends from the movie, including Rob Lowe and Seth Green, made cameos in the commercial. It was funny and the perfect amount of nostalgia that we crave from commercials.

Michelob Ultra’s Superior Bowling Alley

Steve Buscemi looking cool in a bowling alley? Check. A bunch of amazing athletes, like Peyton Manning and Alex Morgan? Check.

Oh, and add in Serena Williams? You’ve got a great commercial.

Uber Eats with Jennifer Coolidge

It’s always the best when a company pokes fun at itself, and that’s exactly what Uber Eats did. Apparently, you can order more than food on Uber Eats, which apparently has confused some people. So, the company decided to clear the air with Jennifer Coolidge, Cousin Greg (aka Nicholas Braun) from “Succession” and Gwyneth Paltrow hilariously eating random objects and not food. It’s a silly commercial but gets the point across.

Larry David with FTX

Look, I’m still not exactly sure what FTX is (Googled it and it’s cryptocurrency, of course), but watching Larry David ruin pivotal points of history was pretty, pretty, good.

Buying Barbie’s Dream House

If you’ve tried to buy a house in the last year, then Rocket Mortage’s commercial featuring Barbie’s Dream House and Anna Kendrick probably hit a little too close to home.

Barbie is trying to buy her dream house, but other dolls with cash offers, home renovation plans and sellers paying over asking price have crushed Barbie’s dreams. It’s a story that buyers in America know all too well these days.

Lindsey Lohan turning her life around

Look, if Planet Fitness can help Lindsey Lohan win a ton of money on “Jeopardy!” and save her from future DUIs, I might just sign up at Planet Fitness, too.

The battle of the Joneses

Who knew there were so many people in Hollywood with the last name Jones?

Actually, it’s not all that surprising, but it was still super fun to see Tommy Lee Jones, Leslie Jones and Rashida Jones all race each other in Toyota cars. It worked out that all three of these Joneses are pretty great.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Let us know in the comments!

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