Military airman returns home to family, surprises younger sisters at school

Trevor Fox hadn’t seen his family in nearly a year

Franklin County – A surprise reunion for a local family as their loved one returns home from active duty was caught on camera in Franklin County.

The video has caught a lot of attention on social media, warming the hearts of all who watched.

Callaway Elementary school 5th grader Ahna Fox hasn’t seen her big brother and best friend, Airman First Class Trevor Fox, in almost a year.

“When I saw him, my heart just started beating really fast and I felt all of this happiness in my body,” Ahna said. “It just made me really happy.”

Trevor is currently stationed at Davis Montham Air Force base in Arizona.

While he's proud to serve his country, he misses his family while he's away.

“I couldn't stop shaking. Immediate tears. It was a very, very, happy moment for me getting to see my baby sister,” Trevor said.

The video posted on Callaway Elementary School’s Facebook page shows Ahna’s fifth grade classroom’s surprise as their guest visitor turns out to be her brother. She jumped from her seat to run and give him a hug. He was dearly missed.

“When he has to go back, it makes the house feel more empty. It feels like a little piece of my heart goes away when he leaves,” Ahna said. While she admits it’s a sad feeling, she also said it makes her happy to know why Trevor is leaving, to ultimately serve his country, and to keep her family safe.

He wasn’t able to make it home for Christmas, so when he did get a break, he wanted to make it count, surprising her on her first day back to school.

“Because i knew they wouldn’t be expecting it, because school would be the only thing on their mind, so it was perfect."

He also surprised his two older sisters at Franklin County High School. Both of those surprises were also recorded. Trevor played a prank on his sisters – sitting in one of their chairs as one was held out in the hallway before class, having another called to the front office.

Serving in the military is a family tradition in the Fox family. Ahna and her two sisters hope to follow in their brother’s footsteps.

While it's hard be away from family, Trevor says his heart will always be at home.

“I want them to know that i love them and I will always be there for them and I'll always try to find a way home if they absolutely need me,” Trevor said.

Fox returns to Arizona Saturday.

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