Cancer diagnosis for Queen Little Miss Missy turns ‘death sentence’ into hope thanks to donations

Once she is healed, her owner hopes to use money raised to help other sick dogs

ROANOKE, Va. – A little dog that’s given so much is getting a lot of love in return.

Her owner has turned her fame into charitable giving. Her adoring fans are returning the favor.

She’s got a wardrobe fit for a queen. True to her name, Queen Little Miss Missy is always decked out from head to paw from pearls and tutu dresses to bibs, hats, pajamas and even a swimsuit.

Queen Little Miss Missy
Queen Little Miss Missy (Queen Little Miss Missy)

She's even got multiple remote-controlled cars. Owner Debbie Weddle of Roanoke received her as a gift from her children 9 years ago.

“Missy is my life. She is like a kid to me and my husband,” Weddle said.

Weddle will tell you Missy's got more clothes than she does.

"Her wardrobe is basically from people all over. She has fans who send her these outfits,” Weddle said.

Queen Little Miss Missy
Queen Little Miss Missy (Queen Little Miss Missy)

Fans, who love her book, and are among the thousands of followers on Facebook, shower her with gifts and even fan mail. But she uses her fame for good.

“I'm disabled myself from a car accident so my way of giving back is helping homeless people, homeless animals, animal rescues,” Weddle said.

Pictures posted on social media with Queen Little Miss Missy in her glamorous outfits have helped raise thousands of dollars for countless charities.

"Missy has given me a purpose in life," Weddle said.

Queen Little Miss Missy
Queen Little Miss Missy (Queen Little Miss Missy)

Weeks ago, however, Weddle noticed a lump on Queen Little Miss Missy's leg. It was a rare form of cancer. “To me, it was kind of like a death sentence."

Missy needed two surgeries to remove the mass, plus chemotherapy. In order to receive treatment, she needed thousands of dollars for the vet bill.

"I wouldn't have been able to afford it because we are on fixed incomes," Weddle said.

When Weddle broke the news to Missy's Facebook fans, they rallied to raise money to help the little queen.

Fans are returning the favor, bringing Queen Little Miss Missy’s life’s worth of good deeds full circle. Weddle said the expense of Queen Little Miss Missy’s treatments have really been eye-opening. Once she heals she hopes to one day help another dog owner in the same situation.

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