5 thoughts I had while filling out the 2020 Census

Happy Census Day!

A person at the computer
A person at the computer (Vojtech Okenka/Pexels photo)

Anyone else bored around the house?

Cool. You’re doing your civic duty in this strange time of quarantine, and that’s what counts! Why not take a minute to fill out your Census form, while you have some down time?

Editor’s note: I completed mine earlier this month and thought I’d jot down a few observations, just in case anyone was feeling like it was a process or this was too much like “homework.” I promise it’s not!

1.) If you’re computer-savvy and you want to fill out your questionnaire online, it’ll only take you 3 to 5 minutes.

Of course, this will depend on how many people are in your household. If you’re the mom from “19 Kids and Counting,” then Michelle Duggar, my sincere apologies: this note is NOT for you.

But for anyone else: Open your form. Find the online code you received in the mail. (You don’t even need it as a requirement; it just helps you skip a few steps). Start typing in your information. You can honestly do this while you’re making dinner or binge-watching “Cheer” on Netflix. Sure, I didn’t have any unusual circumstances and I work on a laptop all day, so maybe it was extra easy for me. But really -- just know that it could not be more intuitive or quicker. They’re not here to trip you up!

2.) Submitting online really is the best.

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