Tasty Tuesday: Due South BBQ’s great taste goes a long way after a brief shutdown

After 13 years, Due South has things down to a science

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – At Due South BBQ, “We like to rub our butts,” says owner, Marie March. Get your mind out of the gutter and into some great, southern comfort food!

March has seen the impact this BBQ joint has had on the New River Valley since day one.

She tells us, “We’ve even had almost an entire generation raised eating our BBQ.” Part of the reason why you can raise an entire generation on this food is because of the consistently great taste.

March attributes that to the restaurant’s longevity in Christiansburg, saying, “In 13 years, you really build all your processes and get it down to a science.”

The master of that science for the last few years has been Conor Campbell. He let us in on one of the secrets to success, when talking about the Half Chicken.

Campbell tells us, “We dry rub it with our chicken rub, smoke it and then fry it back up to temperature. So, the spices kind of crunch up and caramelize a little bit." As I’m typing this, my stomach just let out an obnoxious growl.

When it comes to pork butts, Campbell says it’s all about the low and slow technique. They leave it in the smoker overnight, so the fat can render and add more taste.

There was a short amount of time when we couldn’t sink our teeth into Due South’s great eats. March recalls that the restaurant was actually shut down for a month. The meat shortage, at one point, was taking a toll too.

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