Ready to dine out again? 9 things to consider

Empty restaurant.
Empty restaurant.

In areas across the United States, restaurants are reopening. While many people are likely excited at the thought of getting out again, there are some things to consider before heading to dinner.

Understand, the goal remains to keep COVID-19 cases down, so we must all do our part, especially when leaving home, to keep ourselves and others safe.

Before we even get to the suggestions, we’ll say this: If you’re feeling sick or running a fever, don’t go out at all.

If you’re feeling well and you’re ready, try to do the following, to the best of your ability:

1. Check the guidelines of the restaurant. There may be state rules, but each individual restaurant may have additional guidelines for which they’ll want customers to adhere, such as taking your temperature or requiring you to use hand sanitizer when you arrive.

“Restaurants are trying to protect you as well as their staff,” Bridget Sweet, the executive director of food safety and Johnson and Wales University, told Reader’s Digest. “If the establishment requests that you wait in your vehicle until your table is ready, do so.”

2. Wear a mask upon arrival.

Maybe this could go without saying, but we’re going to anyway: Just wear the mask. It keeps you and others around you safe.

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