Mister Goodies opens early, puts out St. Paddy’s Day flavors

Mister Goodies has recently risen to internet fame through its unique cold treats

TIMBERLAKE, Va. – If you have a sweet tooth, Mister Goodies is the perfect place to be.

Co-owner, Andrew Ulrich, says his family opened the Hill City staple 16 years ago after buying the trailer off Ebay.

Ulrich says it provides, “Memories of going to the carnival or going to the fair. You have the flashing lights. You have the big balloon.”

There’s nostalgia, and then there’s the creativity.

“Every week, we come up with a new, creative flavor.”

This month, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, they have a couple of new flavors. The Pot o’ Gold is a brownie topped with vanilla, hot caramel, sea salt caramel chocolate rocks, and green sprinkles.

Monday, they released an even newer flavor that’s sure to pique your interest!

Magically Delicious! 🍀🌈 Just got a shipment of LUCKY CHARMS MARSHMALLOWS from our friends at Anderson's Country Market...

Posted by Mister Goodies on Monday, March 15, 2021

More traditional flavors on the menu include “Brownie batter and cookie dough. We sort it all together and call it a Brookie.”

Their specialty, the Brownie Sundae, is out of this world. All it takes is a warm brownie, a generous serving of vanilla soft-serve, chocolate syrup, pecans and then the essential cherry on top.

We got to see how that was made along with the strawberry shortcake and rainbow flavorburst.

The weather nerd in me, however, got excited about one particular thing.

“A lot of places have blizzards or flurries, but we have storms here at Mister Goodies.”

I tried to make one, with the help of Ulrich, but failed. Generously, he gave me a score of 4 out of 10 when we visited over the summer.

We’ll leave the creations to the experts. If you want to see their creations and new flavors, give them a follow. They’re even on TikTok!

Their following has grown tremendously, much to the surprise of Ulrich, who tells us, “We had one TikTok that was almost a million views and had like 40 thousand likes, so it was just crazy.”

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