Which eyelashes are right for you? With all the latest options, style editor helps you pick the best pair

There has been some innovation in the world of 'falsies'

Have you ever tried fake eyelashes? (Style Wise.)

Putting on fake eyelashes might be foreign territory for you, but don’t lash out too quickly -- we’ve got you covered on the best tips and trades to applying a fake eyelash for any fun night out on the town.

There are different ways to extend your eyelashes to maximum volume, but StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan suggests going with the good old fashioned fake eyelash.

Some people don’t like the glue that goes on the eyelid, so they might opt out for a lash extension put on by a professional, but if you’re cool with applying the glue yourself, fake eyelashes can be fun and effective at upgrading your look.

A classic fake eyelash will surely get the job done, but there has been some innovation in the fake eyelash world, and there are a lot of great products out there that let you have more control over how much of the fake eyelash goes on your face.

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