How you can work camo into your everyday wardrobe

Who is ready to rock some camo? (Style Wise.)

Camo isn’t a print that most of us have in our everyday wardrobes (unless you were in the military or love hunting), but according to StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan, this is a print that anyone can wear and make stylish.

Especially when it comes to jackets, you can go for something comfortable and casual, or even get a nicely fitted blazer with a camo print to make a real fashion statement.

These jackets are great because they go with almost any color, so have some fun when it comes to an undershirt.

Jordan also suggests pairing a camo jacket with a scarf that has a print. You might be nervous when it comes to clashing prints in the same outfit, but when it’s done correctly, it can really pop. Don’t be afraid!

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