9 ways to celebrate National Taco Day the right way

Yum, right? (Chitokan/Pexels photo)

Real talk: Sunday is National Taco Day, and we’ve been brainstorming ways to mark the occasion.

Do we suggest taco day deals and freebies? Well, maybe, but any huge nationwide promotions will be offered by the bigger, chain restaurants -- and that feels sacrilegious, to celebrate this day with a drive-through burrito.

Do we suggest some margarita pairings? We could, but we’re not culinary experts, and we think *most* margaritas pair well with *most* tacos, so maybe we’re the wrong people to ask.

When it comes to Taco Day, you have to do it up right, and give this “holiday” the respect that it deserves.

How exactly you’ll go about that, is up to you. But we’re going to provide nine ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

1.) Try a new recipe.

Not exactly groundbreaking. But hey, Taco Day falls on the weekend this year, and we’re in a weird place with coronavirus, so not everyone’s going to feel comfortable going out to eat.

What better time than now? Grab an apron and get to the kitchen.

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