Tasty Tuesday: Outside the Cone goes ... well, outside the cone with its weekly flavor lab

Kyle Spangler has made more than 1,000 ice cream flavors in the last five years

LYNCHBURG, Va. – In times like these, we often look for something nostalgic — something that reminds us of simpler times. Something like an ice cream parlor can be just that.

Kyle Spangler and his family have been pushing the limits on flavors for the past year at Outside the Cone.

Spangler says he’s been making ice cream ever since he was five or six years old, but he only really got serious about it five years ago.

In that time he says, "I’ve made over a thousand different flavors.”

Like most things in the kitchen, making ice cream boils down to a frequently-tested science.

“You could potentially get an icy or really off taste if you don’t correctly calculate the ingredient proportions,” said Spangler.

It’s an art too, with homemade waffle cones and bowls filling the air with a fresh, sweet and comforting smell. The weekly flavor lab takes the art, the science and the fun of making ice cream and gives customers something new to try all the time.

“Every week, we make at least four new ice creams and they’re always different," said Spangler.

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