’Free stuff without judgement’: Local woman creates Facebook group to help those in need

Page allows people to ask for what they need without fear of judgement

RADFORD, Va. – A place to find help when you need it, and a way to give when you can – that’s the idea behind a new Facebook group created by Mandy Shiftlett.

Shiftlett tells 10 News she saw a need in the community and knew she couldn’t help in the way she wanted all on her own. So, she made a space on social media to connect those in need with those that could help.

She started a Facebook group called “Free stuff without judgment.” Those who need help paying bills or finding food or clothing for their family ask, and those who can help offer up what they have.

“It just brings joy to my heart. It just makes me so happy because, especially in this time you see so much negativity and right now people are just being so kind and loving and reaching out to people. I am just amazed by it,” Shiftlett said.

So far they have more than 1,200 members. Most of them are from southwest Virginia, but the number of those joining from across the country is growing.

Shiftlett and group administrators are now working to become a foundation. The foundation will be named in honor of a local man Corey Mayhew who died this year. His mom, Susan Rosa, is an administrator on the group.

“My son had recently passed away a couple of months ago. He used to love helping people - something similar to this. If someone needed medicine, strangers even, he would pay for it,” Rosa said. “His heart was so big and just filled with love to help anybody.”

Anyone is invited to join the group as long as they agree to never exchange goods for money or other items. All items must be given for free.

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