This is how men can wear makeup and feel 100% comfortable

Don't be afraid of makeup, fellas! (Style Wise.)

Look, guys: You’ve probably never thought about putting on makeup in your daily life. Unless you’re on TV or a clown, the thought of putting on makeup has probably never crossed your mind.

But ... maybe you should think again.

StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan wants you fellas to know that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to putting on makeup, and it’s not as daunting as you’d think.

There are certain skin care products that have a slight tint to them, so that when you apply them, you get a little bit of a glow, and it takes some of the shine away from your face.

When it comes to men wearing makeup, Jordan said it’s about perfecting your face, and not doing total coverage.

There are other things that Jordan suggests, like using concealer to cover any blemishes or bags under your eyes and adding a little bit of bronzer around your face for just a little bit more color.

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