Tasty Tuesday: Rookie’s to create a “winter wonderland” for customers

In addition to the winter menu, Christmas trees will be for sale in the Rookies parking lot soon

FOREST, Va. – Jordan Nickerson and the folks at Rookies pride themselves in creating an experience. In recent years, people have lined up regularly for a taste of simpler times. Nickerson says quality is key to their success as well, adding that, “Our initial recipes were three-to-four family recipes.”

Like Santa’s elves, the team bakes all the cookies in the back. They’re then used as a bookend for their staple items - the ice cream sandwiches. Before I dug in, Nickerson told me to eat it like a burger.

Not going to lie...this brought me back to my childhood when Chipwich’s were all the rage (except this was even better).

That nostalgia is what Nickerson and crew are aiming for in the coming month.

He tells us, “This Christmas, we’re bringing out a Christmas tree vendor. It’s going to have 450 Christmas trees that we’re hopefully going to be able to create a winter wonderland experience for families; to be able to get a Christmas tree for your family. If you want, pick up a couple cookies and a hot chocolate. If not, just pick up a beautiful Christmas tree. We’ll have lights and music and have an outing.”

The flavors inside the shop will be worthy of Chris Kringle’s approval as well.

Rookies will be serving up, “Homestead’s eggnog ice cream and their eggnog, Chris Crinkle…a chocolate crinkle cookie. Ginger snaps and sugar cookies and gingerbread ice cream…peppermint ice cream. So that Chris Crinkle, the chocolate crinkle with the peppermint ice cream is probably the most-Instagrammed picture I’ll see.”

Instagram has been a large part of Rookies' success early on as well. Nickerson attributes it to the memories that a picture can create. That’s also why the catering trailer is a big hit.

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