We asked, you answered: 9 of your funniest Valentine’s Day stories

A date
A date (Pexels stock image)

We asked: Have you ever gone on a first date on Valentine’s Day? Errr, that sounds like there’s some potential for an awkward situation. Have you ever been broken up with on Valentine’s Day? Yikes, we don’t want to hear that!

Well, except that we do.

Like we said, we put the questions out there, and boy, did our readers and viewers deliver. (Pssst: There’s still time to answer, if you’d like to participate!) ⬇️

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Anyway, we gathered up nine of our favorite responses involving Feb. 14, from people who are able to look back and laugh. Here they are! (Answers, in some cases, have been edited for clarity, length and grammar).

1. 🧸

“I met this guy, he asked me out for Valentine’s Day, we went to a free dog show -- romantic, right? -- but I was cool with it, because I do like animals. But then we saw my aunt and grandma there, and he insisted on hanging out with them the entire time. Then he asked me to drive him to the store. When we went in, he grabbed a teddy bear, fake flowers and some groceries, we got to the check-out line and he asked me to pay for it because he forgot his money. And then he handed me the plastic bag with the fake flowers and bear, and said, ‘Here you go. Happy Valentine’s Day!’ Most romantic date ever. **insert eye roll** ”

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