Tasty Tuesday: Blue Cow Ice Cream keeps classics, adds more culinary flavors to the mix

Fun, unique flavors add a little spark to the Blue Cow menu

ROANOKE, Va. – Over the last week, we’ve seen some warmer weather that may have had you screaming for ice cream. We kept our screaming to a minimum when visiting Blue Cow Ice Cream.

That’s tough to do when you walk in to the sweet smells of this Roanoke ice cream shop. Owner, Jason Kiser, gets to smell it all each day.

“I think the first thing you notice when you walk into our shop is the smell of the waffle cones.”

I tried to make a waffle cone, with the supervision of Kiser, who was a little too generous to me.

“You’re cut out for it alright. This is good!”

Kiser’s journey into ice cream is a unique one. He tells us, “I went to ice cream-making school at Penn State. They actually have a short course (they call it), and I learned the technology of ice cream production.”

He then schooled us on the method to the madness at Blue Cow. “We wanted to have classics that everyone might find at an ice cream shop. And then we wanted to have more culinary-driven flavors.”

They have definitely succeeded in doing that, by adding interesting flavors like, “Goat cheese with a blueberry swirl in it. People come in, and they don’t expect it. They get a little taste of it, and it’s kind of like our play on a cheesecake ice cream.”

He also says that ice cream is very seasonal, so they have had more wintry flavors flying off the shelves recently.

“Chocolate raspberry which has been a very popular flavor, candied bacon is out there right now as well and the snickerdoodle during the colder months.”

With winter in its final weeks, Kiser says to expect more berries in the spring and flavors like Banana Pudding and Key Lime Pie in the summer.

Not only do they have perfect flavors, but they really have a perfect location too. Kiser explains, “We have the Roanoke star and the zoo right up the hill. That’s been a great asset for the business, and so has the Greenway.”

So you can get a good walk-in and then treat yourself to whatever is on the menu when you stop by.

If you find yourself vacationing in Virginia Beach at all, make sure to look up their location there as well!

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