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Tasty Tuesday: Slyder’s helping one of their own after recent cancer diagnosis

In addition to burgers, dogs and milkshakes, the team is selling bracelets for #TeamEmilee

HILLSVILLE, Va. – One of our photographers here at 10 News recommended that we stop by a Hillsville favorite a few months back, and we’re thankful to have finally made our way around to doing just that.

It’s at Slyder’s that we learned how great and classic the food is, but also how strong the bond of sisterly love is too.

Mary Dollyhigh has been coming to Slyder’s for the past year, specifically for the cheeseburger baskets and onion rings. The red hot dogs are a huge hit too, with the homemade slaw being the cherry on top. That’s according to manager, Brittany Gallimore, who tells us, “We’ll sell pints of it or even gallons of it sometimes.”

Her family took over the Carroll County joint a few years ago, and they continue to add to its already big menu.

“Pretty much any milkshake flavor you can think of, we can make it for you.”

The sisters have built up a variety of different ice creams and about 50 milkshakes to compliment the burgers and dogs. It’s part of what keeps folks like Dollyhigh coming back for more, “You can’t beat the milkshakes. They’re really good.”

Really good and convenient if you’re in a pinch. You just pull right in. Your order is taken, and you’re in and out! This crew will keep you on your toes. Specials change each day, except for Tuesdays. That’s when they do “Taco Tuesday. So, we do the Doritos taco salad. We do Sloppy Joe’s on Tuesdays, but it varies every day.”

Like any family restaurant, though, it’s more than just the food. Gallimore’s 14-year-old sister, Emilee, was recently diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma.

She tells us, “It’s been hard the past couple of months, but she’s hanging in there. She’s strong. She’s a fighter.”

She’s not alone in the fight. Her family and community are doing everything they can to keep her going strong.

Slyder’s is selling Team Emilee bracelets, as well as decals, which Gallimore’s sister makes.

“And then we have customers that just want to donate. They just want to help out,” said Gallimore.

And that’s the most rewarding part of all, according to Gallimore.

“You don’t really know how great of a community it is until you go through something like that.”

The bracelets are on sale at the window for only five dollars, or you can make a donation.

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