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All your best hurricane tips: These 21 pieces of advice will have you reaching for a pen

Would you have enough water on hand?
Would you have enough water on hand? (Pexels stock image)

With Florida bracing for Hurricane Elsa and a long hurricane season still ahead (it runs through Nov. 1, so be patient!), we thought we’d ask: What storm-related advice do you wish you had received sooner?

There’s still time to contribute, if you missed our original question! Click or tap here.

A ton of you recommended buying flood insurance, so although we didn’t include that response below, it was a major theme. The people have spoken!

It was a split crowd over whether to leave town or ride out the storm, but some recommended, if you stay, checking on your neighbors and coming together as a community. Others said if it’s going to be a Category 3 hurricane (or stronger) and you have the resources, you might as well go. We realize that advice might not be possible for everyone, so no matter what you do, try to be as safe as you can, all things considered.

And without further ado, here’s that advice -- from you, our trusted viewers and readers:

Some answers were edited slightly for clarity, length or grammar. People had the option to leave a name, age and/or location.

So, what did we miss? Contribute your piece of advice using the link above, or in the comments.

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