What did your office look like when you returned to work for the first time?

So long Zoom, hello in person meetings. (Pexels.)

It seems like more and more people are heading back to the office in some capacity, and it probably felt a little bit foreign for those who haven’t seen their co-workers in real life in more than a year.

Did everything look the same when you got back? Was anything missing from your desk? Was anything right where you left it? What about the break-room refrigerator? And how did it feel to work in actual pants, and not sweatpants, for the first time in a year and a half?

We want to hear it all!

As someone who is still working from home and is returning to the office soon, it’s about to be weird!

So, if you’re already back to your office, tell us what is was like when you stepped foot back in those doors.

Share a photo of your return to the office, if you have one (or prepare to snap something!), and tell us how it felt, back at your desk.

Was it great to see long-lost co-workers? Did you remember to pack a lunch? Did you have a meeting that could have just been an email?

Your response could be used for a future story, so the more you give us, the better. You can fill out a response below.

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