This 6-ton potato in Idaho is available to rent on Airbnb

Want to stay in your very own private Idaho potato?


Just like the B-52′s song says, you can live in your own “Private Idaho” when you snag this eclectic Airbnb rental.

While it may not be an actual potato, this giant, 6-ton replica of a potato has been hollowed out and converted into a surprisingly stylish Airbnb in Boise, Idaho, that will only set you back $200 a night (as of March 2022).

The potato was transformed by Kristie Wolfe, a micro-property developer.

The potato “hotel” is surrounded by 400 acres of farm land, so you’ll really feel like you’re living the authentic Idaho potato experience. The inside of the rental is temperature-controlled and even comes with a fireplace. There’s also a queen bed, a mini-fridge, power outlets and a record player.

A short walk away is a silo that features a bathroom and soaking tub that can be used for star-gazing.

The quaint space can only sleep two people, but what better way to spend a romantic weekend with your partner than inside a giant replica vegetable?

What is most shocking about this rental is, the inside is actually very chic! The interior is painted white, and the minimalist decor and soft colors really make the inside extremely pleasing to the eye. It just screams “relaxation.”

It looks like the Airbnb books up quickly, so if your dream is to sleep inside a fake, giant potato, we suggest you lock in a reservation soon.

The potato was recycled from a potato tour conducted by the Idaho Potato Commission, and traveled on the back of a truck through 48 states over a span of seven years, according to the Airbnb page.

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This story was first published in 2019. It has since been updated.

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