Tasty Tuesday: Red Rooster’s crow reaches far beyond Floyd

Red Rooster’s home-roasted coffee can be found in nearly 50 places from Pennsylvania to North Carolina

FLOYD, Va. – Like the rooster’s crow on a farm, Red Rooster is here to give you a jolt to your day. It has been since 2010.

“The quality of coffee that you get here is of national quality. It’s sort of unexpected that it might come out of a small town like Floyd with one stoplight.”

Co-owner, Haden Polseno-Hensley, tells us that what started as a little cafe upstairs from his mother-in-law’s bookstore has now become a household name for so many.

He tells us, “We’re probably in somewhere close to 50 restaurants and cafes from Pennsylvania down through North Carolina.”

With popularity that extends beyond state borders, this particular cafe was born in 2018.

Polseno-Hensley says, “From the moment that we opened up our doors at this new location, we’ve been incredibly busy.”

The menu rotates seasonally and is highly dependent on the local ingredients they get — a trend we’ve seen in other Tasty Tuesdays in Floyd.

Right now, Polseno-Hensley says that everyone is “flush with tomatoes.”

Slap that on a biscuit, and you’ve got breakfast to go along with our coffee. Make sure to do so quickly, though, because they sell out quickly. The avocado toast is another summer item that boasts in color and flavor too.

Of course, fall is right around the corner. Red Rooster adds its own twist to an autumnal favorite thanks, in part, to its homemade syrups.

“Our play on pumpkin spice, but they’re made with sweet potato instead of pumpkin.”

They’ve joined the latte art trend too, and they hold that to a high standard just as they do with their roasts. Some of these are international. You can see them line the wall, from Ethiopian to Nicaraguan, throughout the cafe.

For regulars at Red Rooster, there’s a clear favorite - the Funky Chicken. Polseno-Hensley tells us it’s the sweet, fruit notes combined with dark chocolate that’s a crowd-pleaser for all.

So whether you find RR in one of your favorite stores or drive to scenic Floyd, don’t be a chicken. Cross the road, and get your hens on some Red Rooster.

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