Best dad ever? Man transforms son into Elf on the Shelf

Adorable! (Used with permission from Alan Lawrence/thatdadblog)

This dad is a super fun “follow,” if you’re looking to add to your social media lists! He’s funny, smart, and his posts will make you think.

For anyone who already knows of, or follows, Alan Lawrence, of thatdadblog on Instagram or in the blogosphere, you might remember in previous years, when he and his wife turned their son, Rockwell, into the Elf on the Shelf -- with Lawrence documenting the process along the way online.

Although they’re not doing it again this year, we thought those posts were still worth showing off. So, perhaps not NEW, but “new” to you? Give it a look!

Lawrence describes himself online as a father of six and a Down syndrome advocate, among other things. It appears he’s gained some internet fame by posting fun photos of his son Wil, who lives with Down syndrome.

Lawrence wanted to show the world that those with special needs can do anything they put their minds to, or “fly.” Lawrence uses photo editing to make it seem as if Wil is flying around in his day-to-day life, or in different spots across the country. Check it out:

What a cool dad, right?

Now that you know what Lawrence is all about, we’ll show you another son -- Rockwell, or “Rock,” as he’s known on the blog. Here are some photos from years past.

Look at this mischievous little elf. 😉

Here are some of Lawrence’s photos from another previous Christmas.

And don’t worry. Before you get too Grinchy, just know that some more Photoshop magic was involved here. Enjoy!

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